Monday, 10 August 2009

Newpark Country House - the creation of our stone circle - The Seven Hathors

Phoenix Qi: The Magical, Mystical Number 7 Seven
I came across your site, and I will study it with interest some more, as I am trying to learn about the significance of seven in mystical and religeous terms because I have just created a large stone circle at the bottom of the garden, and chose the number seven for the stones, I dont know why I chose seven it just seemed the right thing. I have decided to call the stones 'The Seven Hathors' as I am an oracle myself, and it felt it would be good to honour my stone circle in honour of the Seven hathors, these ladies had a room in denderah temple in egypt and were known as the oracle of the goddess hathor, each lady had her own name and they gave the oracle on the birth of a child in the temple of denderah.

The first evening the circle was finished I was so amazed, because as the sun was setting, a line ran across the fields straight down to the stones and circled the stones in light, while the rest of the garden was in shadow it was amazing and a very good experience for me, I think the circle will bring amazing energy and life back to this garden. I am following my own heart and feelings with the garden, and trying to embrace the belief of the ancient Celts.
there is a stone circle in Gilf Kabir in the Libyian desert .................... yes amazing but true.
Stone circles are not just found in europe, amazingly, my friend Antoinette told me of a stone circle that is in the Libyian desert near the gilf kibir, the circle is called Bagnolds circle after the man who found it, he noted that this structure itself is quite unique in the whole expanse of the Libyan Desert, even though other circles have been found in the libyian desert in the Gilf Kibir area.
for anyone interested to read more about this stone circle you can follow this link :

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  1. Thank you for the link to my blog post.

    Your sunset experience was certainly a gift from the Universe! It must have been a very beautiful sight that brought a song of joy to the heart.

    Enjoy your garden!