Saturday, 4 July 2009

Scregg House Scregg Knockcroghery County Roscommon

Scregg house a short ride from Newpark Country house, is currently owned by Peter Kelly, who descends from the O'Kelly chieftan Sean na Moy O'Kelly. This is also an old georgian house in the country that has not been lived in for over twenty years, looking inside I felt a hundred years was more acurate suggestion, it is a shame that such an amazing building in a good location has deteriorated to such an extent, but the heritage people have been involved and have repalced the roof and windows which is a start to saving such a jewel in the country, the owner himself is quite happy living in his modern little bungalow beneath bless him!

There is something especially moving about this wonderful Georgian house and the location, I felt amazingly uplifted just being there, It was a really wonderful experience and would fullfill anyones expectations interested in Dickens classics, as walking up the battered old steps and entering inside the door of Skregg house I immediately was transported into the pages of a Charles Dickens novel. By the time I had reached the third floor I fully expected to open a door and see a wisened, bitter and decaying Miss Haversham, sitting in her chair surrounded by the cobwebs and dead birds!

So if you are interested in Georgian houses and the classics just have a wander with the owner, if he is not busy , he is such a curteous man I am sure he would oblige you with a look around old skregg house.
please check out our link if you would like to see whats happening at Newpark Country House

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  1. Good photo! Scregg House, built in 1769, is the known and special "ancestral home" to a branch of the Kelly family whose respective great-grandfather was born there in 1850. The property was in the family (O'Kelly of Ui Maine descent) for centuries but changed hands in 1909. A number of us, from both Ireland and around the globe, have been shown hospitality by the present, unrelated Kelly owner on various visits.