Thursday, 4 June 2009

An Angel visits St. Peter in Athlone church Ireland

I just adore this stunning vibrant window of St. Peter visited by an angel, in the church of St. Peter and Paul in Athlone,
What I find so amazing is the image of the angel, she looks more like a gothic fairytale image than an angel, the vibrancy of blues and lavender are really uplifting, the whole window is awesome.
All the windows in the church are decorated in the style of Harry Clarke, long after the death of Clarke himself, but magnificently paying homage to his incredibly rich colouring and stylisation.This particular window can be found in the north aisle the chapel of the naven, I salute the artist.This particular image reminds me of some of the work of another famous victorian artist known as Aubrey Beardsley, another of my favourite artists.

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