Thursday, 4 June 2009

Morrigan Babd Catha the Battle Crow

I painted this picture during a very traumatic transission period of my life, painting helps me to recover from distress. I knew that the cycle of my life had come to an end in Egypt for my life marriage and writing about ancient Egypt, and so I threw myself into research on Celtic history as I will be working in a place in Ireland to help create a celtic & gaelic language retreat.
I created the painting was created for display in the 300 year old cellars in the basement of Newpark House that were originally the kitchens, they were converted into a Bar in the 198o's, onvce the bar is running again it will have a celtic theme and we will we will probably honour it with the name 'The Morrigan Cellar Bar'.

My inspiration for the pattern of the dress in the painting, I found it in the pattern of the Turoe Stone ( I love symbolism 3d Art and its texture) so I used the pattern for help with my dress and cloak, I have since discovered that the turoe stone represents a potent symbol of regeneration , and through regeneration we can attain genetic renewal

Instead of a fur collar on the cloak of the dress I decided to use Crows feathers, as in Native American indian signs I am a crow. This painting expresses the symbolism of the new me that will eventually emerge from this turmoil in my life, a woman standing alone again, but powerful once more.

The celtic armoured helmet was to protect my head from any further distress and depression, after I had started the painting I read a book on auras and I found out that if the head is surrounded my murky browns and mustard and swiggly lines (the celtic knots) this can suggest mental health problems - I have suffered from bi - polar which has certainly been a disruptive illness for me to cope with over the last tens years. My doctor told me not to be ashamed of this illness as he informed me that some of the most creative people in the world suffer from this illness, and from the depths of despair amazing poetry art and writing have materialized.

Although I have a strong sense of tradition and religeous belief that my own grandmother instilled in me as a child, I do I believe the celtic triple goddess has come to my rescue and guided me on this new path in my life. After I had started the painting I discovered that the Celts have a Goddess called Morrigan, who can shape shift into a crow and she becomes Babd Catha the battle crow and flies over the batllefields, I am amazed how I have been guided, I also chose the horned god from an image of the Goldstrum Caudren, and I have now found out that he also symbolizes wisdom vision and power - all the things I want to bring into my life, obviously the ancient celts are guiding me through the time lines to my new path in life.

How amazing is that!

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