Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hell Fire Club Dublin - Confusion or What??

David was telling me that he was going for a walk, and mentioned the Hell Fire Club, so being English and him a young man I assumed he was going to a disco or something, out of curiosity I decided to see if the Club was advertized on the internet as he told me he would take me up there one day. David told me an old tale of how they used to play poker up there in the 19th century, and one of the players dropped his card, and bending down to retrieve it, he realized that the player opposite him had the Devils Hoof ! Realizing he had been found out the player errupted in fury, and burst into flames flying through the ceiling, the whole place errupted and was burn't down. Naturally I assumed it had been rebuilt, so when I looked it up on the internet I was surprized to see it was a derelict building with references to Satan worship and the rest, David most definately did not strike me as that sort of person, he's too sensible! When he came home the next day I enquired about the club, and he laughed, and told me he had gone a walk up the mountains to the hellfire club, he said it has the best views of Dublin from up the mountain, and no he wasnt into satanic rituals or such nonsense! what a relief !

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