Thursday, 2 July 2009


In the northern part of the lake of Loch Ree (Loch Rí or Loch Ríbh) The site of the first monastery founded in the early Christian era in Eire, which contains the remains of several ancient churches. In Irish legends, it was also on this island that Queen Maeve was also killed. The Viking Turgesius controlled a ring fort from here here; on its shores until his death by drowning in Lough Owel.

We arrived at Clonmacnoise one sunny sunday afternoon, to see the ruins of an old fort standing proud on a man made hill guarding the natural curve in the lake, many small cruise boats moored up beneath it that had lazily roamed the lake.

The fields were full of poppies and buttercups. Walking to the visitor center we passed a carved wooden statue of Adeh the son of Oriel who had died in 606 A.D on pilgrimage. There is an entrance fee into the center from which you have access to the remains of the first christian churches in Ireland.

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