Thursday, 2 July 2009

Nellies Rock - A portal tomb near a stone circle in Les Carrow Eire

A short 10 minute drive from Newpark Country House in kiltoom, County Roscommon, takes you to the village of Les Carrow where you will find the remains of an ancient Portal Tomb known to the locals as 'Nellies Rock', it is a huge capstone of rock resting on two side entrance stones, it is known as Nellies rock, as a poor woman took refuge under it and raised her child there.

In 1927 the unburnt remains of a powerful young adult male were found beneath the center stone of a small circle of stones, after this discovery two small bronze age urns were found containing burnt human bones were also found near the northern edge of the stone circle, they had been placed on a limestone rock and buried 4ft beneath the surface.

In the gardens of Newpark Country house we have taken our inspiration from this local celtic ancint bronze age landmark, and having unearthed vast amounts of stone from the rear gardens, we are creating a garden in harmony using the inspiration of the ancient Celts, we are creating our own portal tomb, and a stone circle, which will compromise of 7 stones, as 7 is a mystical number, the stones in our gardens we will name 'the seven hathors' . Many ancient religons and beliefs have so many similarities, Hathor was a mother goddess of love joy and fertility, and in her temple in Dendera, there is a room called the seven hathors, as it was believed that these seven hathors were an oracle and could offer the future destiny of a child on its birth.

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